Uvisat has been providing sun protection for more than 40 years. Its products are recommended by Dermatologists as one of the most effective sun protection for sensitive skins like lupus, eczema, PLE (Polymorphic Light Eruption), psoriasis, acne, etc. All the products are manufactured to pharmaceutical standards. Uvisat Sun Protection provides a balanced UVA or UVB sun protection. It has non-irritation formula and is also fragrance-free. Uvisat Lipscreen prevents common lip conditions like dry chapped lips and cold sores. Uvisat Kids Lipscreen is specially designed to kids’ likings with orange flavour and colour. Uvisat Evening Protection After Sun Lotion is enriched with 10% Aloe Vera which protects, nourishes and moistures your skin. The lotions are easy to apply, non-greasy and get absorbed easily so you don’t feel sticky or oily or uncomfortable.