UltraDEX is oral hygiene expert developed by dental experts. They have range of products to improve your bad breath condition along with teeth and gums health. UltraDEX Oral Rinse instantly eliminates bad breath for 12 hours and protects teeth and gums from harmful bacterias. UltraDEX Oral Spray gives you fresh breath that will remain for next 12 hours. The handy pump spray easy to apply and handy. It gives you mint flavoured fresh breath. UltraDEX Sensitive Fresh Breath Toothpaste prohibit harmful bacteria and protects teeth and gums from getting decayed. It leaves teeth brighter, smoother and more resistant to stains. The toothpaste is suitable for vegan. UltraDEX Whitening Oral Rinse helps to brighten your teeth and retain the brightness. It whitens your teeth by recalcifying. Use UltraDEX and improve your oral health.