TePe is a Swedish company founded in 1965. They develop, manufacture and sell high quality oral hygiene products. TePe is specialist in interdental cleansing. Sometimes food gets stuck in teeth and deteriorate oral hygiene. This leads to gum disease and receding gum problems. Use TePe Interdental Brushes and Flosser to clean in between teeth and improve life quality. Tepe Interdetnal Brushes comes in different sizes according to your suitability. All the products have plastic coated wires to prevent sensitivity. The handle shape is such that it is easy to use. Molars are hard to reach while cleaning interdental spaces. Use TePe Interdental Angle Brushes to clean spaces between molars. Floss helps you to clean the spaces between teeth, but they are hard to use. TePe Flosser has made the flossing easy and fun. Now clean your dental floss with ease and more accurately. Use TePe products to keep your teeth and gums healthy and keep teeth cavities and gum diseases away.