Sanex more than 30 years of experience in skin care products. Sanex was one of the first to introduce soap-free bath and shower gels. With Sanex, you get 3 main benefits: Deep Moisturisation, pH Balance and Protection. Sanex Dermo Moisture Shower Gel will moisturise your skin naturally which will attract water to your skin to keep it smooth, soft and moisturised. Sanex will also help to maintain pH of skin naturally balanced. Dermo active products will nourish your skin not only on the surface but deeply. Sanex Hypo-Allergic Shower Gel is specially designed for an allergic skin to cleanse it healthily with soap-free shower gel. Sanex Dermo Sensitive Body Wash works your sensitive skin with soap-free, extra mild gel to help it strengthen its natural defences. Sanex is pioneers in alcohol-free deodorants. They are dermatologically tested. The deodorants care the sensitivity of underarm skin and give protection against odour causing bacteria. Protect your skin with Sanex today!!