Riemann P20

Riemann P20 once-a-Day UVA & UVB sun filter offers up to 10 hours of sun protection. It is very water resistant. P20 Lotion, Pump Spray or Continuous Spray is reliable sun protection with just one application. No added fragrance, colourants or added preservatives. It is sun protection you can trust. 

P20 is suitable for the whole family. P20 is non-greasy and absorbs rapidly, leaving no messy white marks. 

Applying P20 once is sufficient for 10 hours of protection thanks to a very stable formula. P20 sunscreen and lotion have any more benefits like it is water resistance. So it is suitable for application while at pool or beach etc. So dive all you want in water, P20 sun protection will always be there. It is easy to use weather spray or lotion. P20 sunscreen is free of added colourants, fragrance, and other preservatives. It is suitable for the whole family. P20 Continuous Spray is easy and convenient to use, designed to apply sun protection to the areas hard to reach areas with the help of multi-angle spray technology. P20's lightweight consistency makes it easy to rub and ensures an even coverage when applied with no missed areas. Its stable formulation means it does not break down even when exposed to sun or heat. P20 is proven to give sun protection for all day long whether it be spray or lotion. Use Reimann P20 sun protection and keep your skin safe.