Piz Buin

Piz Buin is a result of a self-experienced problem. After suffering from overexposure of sun, the founder developed the world’s first sunscreen back in 1946. Since than Piz Buin has developed into one of the best sunscreens in the UK. Piz Buin was the first to use SPF (Sun Protection Factor) to make suntan safer. The variety of products gives you best sun care. Whether it’s a beach, a mountain or city Piz Buin has been helping people enjoy their life in the sun, safely. Allergy Sun Lotion helps prevent or minimize sun allergy. 1 Day Long Lotion will give you protection for 24 hours. After Sun Soothing Lotion helps you in the post-sun tan period and protects against overexposure of sun. Make sure to use Piz Buin products to protect yourself against intense sun and to get better and proper suntan.