Cuticura is a skin moiturising expert. Dry skin can cause many problems and make skin look unhealthy. Cuticura Original Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel has an advanced formula that works in seconds to kill 99% of harmful bacteria and leaves your hands feeling clean and smelling lovely. Cuticura Sensitive Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel removes toughest of bacteria but protecting and soothing your sensitive skin. Cuticura Total Hand Gel has most advanced defense against germs and true peace of mind, providing protection against both bacteria and viruses. Cuticura Mildly Medicated Soap is gentle enough to use on sensitive and eczema prone skin, relief from dry skin symptoms. Cuticura Mildly Medicated Powder is a blend of natural anti-irritant and skin healing ingredients in a powder form. Cuticura Skin+ Balance Facial Toner for sensitive skin will help soothe and calm skin as well as providing additional nourishment. Cuticura Shine Control Facial Moisturiser protect the skin from swinging between oiliness and dryness.